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      Detailed description

      Nanjing Rutai Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly Nanjing xuanli heavy machine) is located in the Nanjing mining machinery and Electrical Industrial Park, the building materials industry has a series of core technologies and complete innovation system of enterprises. Is a research and development, engineering design and complete sets of equipment supply, engineering contracting, technical consulting services in one of the science and technology enterprises. Company to building materials machinery, metallurgical mining equipment, chemical machinery as the core industry, the products involved in cement, steel, mining, electricity, chemical and other fields.
      Nanjing Tai Machinery Technology Co. Ltd. as the core technology and innovation strategy, JF company, FM winnowing machine shaft, grinding, XL type high energy-saving rotary dryer, WS high yield and fine ball mill, XL energy-saving lime kiln and furnace XL special bag dust collector in the same industry leading level. The company can undertake 100 - 1200t/d machine shaft kiln production line, annual output of 10 - 2 million tons of cement grinding station, slag (fly ash) grinding station, Nissan - 100 - 800t/d lime kiln production line design and engineering package. The company has more than 3 thousand and 800 domestic enterprises to provide technical support and services and products, products exported to Vietnam, Burma, Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries, exports to Africa, South America, Central Asia and other regions, friends around the world.
      Nanjing Tai Technology adhering to the "scientific and technological innovation, realistic fighting" business purposes, to give priority to development, to build Chinese building materials and equipment "technical service providers, manufacturers, contractors and suppliers of spare parts and make unremitting efforts!
      Warmly welcome guests at home and abroad, to join hands in creating a better tomorrow!